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Promote Your BookRomance Author Faye Hall on the Hard Work of Selling Yourself

After finishing writing a manuscript the next stage of things is usually writing a plug or synopsis to send to a publisher. All publishers demand different things – some are happy with just a few paragraphs that, if they accept the book, they can then use as a back cover blurb; others want pages detailing the exact step-by-step plot of the book.

These condensed versions of an author’s work are essential in the publishing process but to some, and to me, these are akin to pulling teeth with a blunt pair of pliers.

Writing a Synopsis

A good short synopsis must immediately catch its reader’s attention…and it needs to tell a 200,000 word story in just a few paragraphs.  It needs to draw the reader into the most essential points of the story without giving away any major climatic…

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