Summer garden

Jane Dougherty Writes

It’s Sunday and it’s hot, and I thought I’d take a few pics of the garden because I like it when it’s a jungle. Even if it has been unkindly described as ‘a green mess’.

Two years ago I wrote a post about my attempts to create a dog proof garden This post could be described more as how to stuff as much greenery as possible into a tiny town garden. Experience so far has been that the pots and rose bushes put a stop to the dog’s gallop, but NOTHING keeps cats out. Everything that I planted behind the dog barricade of pots has been dug up by gangs of felines who have obviously been working round the clock to eradicate every tiny shoot that obstructs the gigantic cats’ toilet they assume the garden to be.

PENTAX Digital Camera

How to make sure your garden gets no sunshine whatsoever.

PENTAX Digital Camera

A few pics…

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