T. Francis Sharp

T. Francis Sharp

Thanks to a disobedient older brother and the magic of drive-in
theatres, I’ve been fascinated with zombies since the tender age of
nine. I spent twenty-five years in the dowdy world of manufacturing,
writing fiction to justify questionable management decisions,
attaining the zombie-esque position of vice-president of production
planning at the age of thirty-six. http://www.amazon.com/T-Francis-Sharp/e/B016SY40IE/

http://www.amazon.com/Second-Dead-T-Francis-Sharp-ebook/dp/B015VNYT0W/ Excerpt of Second Dead
“Sometimes, dead just isn’t dead enough. Souls deprived of the good death seek out 17-year-old Annabel to fulfill the living’s duty to the deceased.
Annabel’s dad has a plan. He leads his family and friends on a daring escape from the city to the sanctuary of their farm. The group makes their way through the remnants of civilization, fighting zombies, other survivors, and nature along the way. However, they face more than external dangers.”

T Francis Second dead



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