It has been a year since my Disability was approved

M.A.B.E. with Coleman "What I See In The Mirror"

A year has passed by and Social Security has brought great help to my health challenges.

A year has passed and Florida is still inhibiting my benefits through the need to test people on Welfare for drugs, particularly marijuana. I am on Medicare provided by Social Security due to a myriad of health issues, each a strong claim to disability, but in unison are tough. It would be difficult to believe the public wants Governor Scott’s testing company chasing down terminally ill folks with the specimen cup, but the billionaire Governor persists for the profit he gets is much more important than anyone’s life, maybe even his own to him.

Gov must have everyone's money (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Well, we do know I am in one of the four stages of liver failure, but the test to see if it is advanced enough to require the cost to cure the virus is also making sure…

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