3.5 feather #bookreview of The Wolf Pack by V.M. Sang

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3.5 feather #bookreview of The Wolf Pack

by V.M. Sang


When Carthinal sets out from Bluehaven to travel to Hambara to take the tests that will end his apprenticeship, little does he know the life-changing events that are to occur.There is tragedy and great sadness to come, but also lasting friendship and a great adventure.
He does not know that he is being watched by the gods and also by an implacable foe as he completes his apprenticeship to become a fully fledged mage.
He and his friends agree to go in search of a long-lost artifact. On the journey, they will need to face death and conquer their innermost fears. There is aid in the most unexpected places and also many surprises to come. This quest will change them all.


When I have time, I love playing RPG’s, and I always pick the role of a…

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