The Defining NUMBERS (Your Top 21) Bring Sexy Back

The Neighborhood

Defining Sexy by the NUMBER


Sexy is in the VOICE

What is Art?
a Monologue by Nafiys Walters


It is a lifetime of work and dedication

Photograph by Patrick Pilz Photograph by Patrick Pilz


Sexy can be in you.

3 – 34

Sexy can also  be

Singers, Photographers, Writers, Activists and Innovators,
visiting The Neighborhood from 10 Countries on 4 Continents,
bringing  Talent, Knowledge and an Iron Will (we hope)
to make a contribution to society.

The Top 21 NUMBERS 

and beginning May 8th…
they bring sexy back.

What is sexy and  (Who is) The Sexiest Number?
Your vote will define, what sexy is to you.

written,  developed & produced by Kendall F. Person
in collaboration with The Neighborhood
@, thepublicblogger FB Page and
The Neighborhood @publicbloggr

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