S. K. Ballinger

About the Author:
S.K. Ballinger born (1974- current by luck) S.K. Ballinger lives in central Kansas. Has four children that is the world to him. Has owned two patents known as the ‘Sherloc’ and ‘Can Handle’. Also while being venturous has owned his own business at one point. He simply tries over and over and is not afraid to keep going. His latest is writing. The autobiography of ‘Blissful Misery’ is the first series of three. His attempt is to do something very uncommon in writing about his life. While this first book now known as ‘BM’ has stirred up much controversy, he continues to write. While he has no stars of accomplishments, he has set ground to a large range of fans and other authors great or indie.

The “Bloodline Series Vol.1” is a compilation of the first five short stories in one book. One book and five great stories that stem from the novel Stanley Swanson – Breed of a Werewolf. Bringing the hopeful, fearless, hate, survivor and love editions! Get your copy today and read these masterfully crafted books that bring vivid characters to life.

Stanley Swanson believes that war one day will happen of the creatures of the night but involve humans. He reaches out to a retired journalist ‘Kain’ in hopes that if he shares the secrets with him of both Werewolf and Vampires, that if a war does occur that humans will join sides with the Breed of Werewolf. Kain is then taken on a journey as he and ‘Stanley’ become very close and a friendship is made quickly as Kain agrees to write the journal.

When Natalie who is a werewolf falls in love with Gravakus which is a powerful Dracklulis grow feelings for one another, they know time is of importance as a war is soon to happen. Leaving the safety of the breed of werewolves, they seek shelter in the highest of mountain tops. What Gravakus and Natalie did was uncommon and not expected in time of tragedy among the opposites. Along the way, Gravakus does his best to keep himself occupied during their time hidden while Natalie begins to have changes of her own that both will have to adjust to in time.


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