Ganupas by George Goosney

Ganupas by George Goosney.

Even after the appearance of strange creatures, and being summoned by three shamans, Ivan had no idea he would fall into another world. Once there, the creatures and things around him gave him little hope of ever getting back. On a world that threatened to swallow him at every step, he found love, and a purpose that would stagger the imagination of the bravest warriors. Torn between wanting to wake up from a bad dream and holding on to the things he found in it, he had to find a way to serve his awakened need to help a race of people taken long ago from his own world, and keep from joining them on the menu of a powerful race of cruel Volgour. Strange Crun spirits and unusual abilities would become his weapons, and he would come to realize that what he would start, his children would finish.

George has always thought far outside the box. Along with many other things, he also enjoys all kinds of science fiction, and get a great satisfaction from beating a video game. He’s sixty three going on sixteen. He thinks kids have all the fun and has no intention of growing up. After a good many years of books, movies, and games, one notices his mind always hoping for something different. Unable to find what he was looking for, and sometimes dreaming in science fiction, he presents here another place from deep in the mind.

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