Writing ain’t easy..

You know what sucks? When you’re trying to write but you’re distracted by so many things. Who’s commenting on Facebook now? How’s my Street team doing? Should I post a giveaway? What’s my schedule look like? Do I have a Takeover coming up? Do I have enough swag. Enough teasers? Something to talk about in my upcoming event? How’s my Fan page doing? How can I get more readers to interact? How can I reach more readers, period? What’s on my e-mail? What other kinds of promotions can I do? How are my PA’s doing? Do they need anything from me? Ooh…look at that cute bird outside. Where’s that cat going? Is he in my yard again? How’s my dad? Does he need anything? What’s my hubby up to? I’m hungry but I don’t want to get up. Wonder if hubby will bring me something. Thirsty too.
9:59pm- Oh, I got a minute to write. Oh no, it’s past my bedtime.
And so starts the next day….

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