JR Ingrisano, professional business writer, journalist, and writing instructor

capt jolly's do over

Bio:  JR Ingrisano has been a professional business writer, journalist, and writing instructor for 40 years. He has published more than two thousand articles and six books on subjects ranging from money management to selling to faith. Returning to his first love, fiction, after years as a business writer, he has published a handful of short stories and written three novels, the first of which, Captain Jolly’s Do Over, comes out September 18, 2015, published by Crimson Cloak Publishing. His second novel, Alicia in Ruins, has been accepted for release in 2016.
What took him so long to get back to fiction? In his own words: “I started my first never-completed novel when I was about 14. (Like anyone really knows anything at age 14. Actually, 50 years later, I’m still not sure I know anything … but I sure can fake it!) Well, after decades of getting educated, getting married a few times, and paying for the cost of marriage, divorce, and raising three kids by cranking out business articles and training programs for clients, I finally returned to my first love: Real writing — stories about life, relationships, freedom, that kind of good stuff.”

JR grew up on the shores of Long Island’s Great South Bay, where he spent his summers – barefoot, tanned, and salt-crusted — clamming across the low-tide mud flats, fishing for snapper and flounder, netting blue claw crabs along the bulkheads and piers, and exploring the hundreds of inlets and coves tucked into the marshlands. Though he never quite got over this idyllic life — and felt like a modern day Tom Sawyer, free of parental rules, just having fun — he heard rumors that there was life west of the New Jersey Palisades, and “I and never looked back.”

Over the years, he earned several college degrees, made and lost a few small fortunes as a business consultant and “marketer,” and followed a bad case of wanderlust to a number of tropical islands. Today, he lives with his wife Susan and their dog Rascal (better known as Butter Brain) in Georgia on Mythun Mountain, not to be found on any map. Between them, they have four children and seven grandkids. His philosophy: If not now, when?
Book:  Captain Jolly’s Do Over
Thank you.  JRI
Captain Jolly’s Do Over
by JR Ingrisano
a candid, politically incorrect
novel about relationships,
freedom, loss, and redemption.
It even has sharks, sex, and
Caribbean breezes … the
ultimate escape fantasy.  For
updates and excerpts on Captain
Jolly, go to


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