The Guardian League Series in the Spotlight

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I am so happy to share with you my Guardian League Series which is Spotlighted today on a fellow blogger’s site.  Many thanks to VP Literary Services for the fabulous opportunity to be Spotlighted today!!

TK Lawyer is in the Spotlight

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I am so excited to be featured in an ‘Author Spotlight’ today at Barbelles and Book Nerds!!  So awesome.  Check it out:

Author Spotlight: T.K. Lawyer

Today, I am Thankful for you

Hi Readers,

Just dropping in to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

There are so many reasons to be thankful but this year I am especially thankful to you for your support, your friendship, and your encouragement.  A writer’s life is often hard and complicated.  As there are successes in any industry, there are also challenges and times when we doubt ourselves and our capabilities but this time of year we are reminded to cast away the little negatives that can sometimes snowball into larger obstacles and bog us down and reflect, instead, on the many gifts we have in our life that we forget, take for granted, or don’t recognize.

So, for my readers everywhere, I wish you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving.  Enjoy the holiday and be safe.

Thanksgiving Contest - What Are You Thankful For?

I am with a New Publisher

So, I am no longer an Author with my first Publisher, Luminosity Publishing. It is a sad, bittersweet ending and an outcome I hoped never would happen but because they don’t take the stories I write anymore, we had to sadly separate. However, I am thankful that they gave me a chance and that they published three of my books. At first, they were enthusiastic about my books and they gave me an opportunity to pursue my passion and my interest and for that I will forever be grateful.

**** But the good news is- All my books have been accepted and contracts have been signed with my new Publisher, Foundations, LLC

and to them I am grateful for picking me up during a very troubling, heart-wrenching time  in my life when I realized I no longer had a Publisher but I still wanted to write. It was one of the worst moments of my life of feeling lost and abandoned. My fourth book Apollo was under contract with Luminosity Publishing at the time but they decided to change what they would publish and unfortunately my M/F Paranormal Romance, Apollo, was not under their new guidelines of what they would take so my signed contract was defunct when I was expecting it to be published in September 2016.  

So here I was scrambling with the horrendous setback in my writing career, trying to re-focus and stop crying and figure out what to do with a manuscript that was no longer being published.  Despite my sweet friend Michael’s re-assurances that this was all for a reason, I sat at my computer between endless tears sending out query after query (after figuring out again how to write one), essentially pleading to Publishers, letting them know of my plight; however, one bit of a surprise happened for me, as a result of my query letters- I was really surprised with all I’ve accomplished in only two years of being Published.  I mean – I am Searchable – wow- when two years ago I wasn’t.  And I proudly sent query after query, outlining my accomplishments, the endless social media sites I am on, all the while marveling at the knowledge I’ve gained within the Author world that I didn’t know just two years ago.   

 ** What a painful experience for an Author to go through ** watching my books being taken down one by one when I worked so hard for them to be read and seen, watching as I was evicted from the Luminosity Authors group and my information taken down off the site, but I’m so glad my frightening period of limbo didn’t last long for me before another Publisher realized the value of my work and what I was trying to accomplish. So, a big thank you to Foundations from this one little ol’ Author who is trying to make it in this big, big world. I appreciate your confidence in me and your support!!!

~* I have to also thank my fans, readers and supporters, especially my Street Team members for rallying behind me and for being so patient because so many were affected by this upset with my previous Publisher  ~*.  Many read all of my books and were awaiting the Release of the next one that was under contract:  Apollo, The Guardian League, Bk 3 and now they’ve had to push back their own plans as I’ve had to and wait longer.  However, the good news is my Publisher, Foundations, also loved Apollo and snatched it up under contract within days of me sending it to them- it’s expected release date is in December 2016- just in time for the Holidays!

And to all of you who love my work, follow me and support me, I thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for sharing this journey with me.  I will have more books for you to enjoy soon!  **

Sam Oputa




About the Author:
Raised in an environment where survival of the fittest is the norm, surviving becomes an art and sometimes, luck. Sam Oputa is as street smart as an average New Yorker. He has interests in American capitalism and politics. He is as politically smart as he is street smart.

He attended the City University of New York. He also received an MBA in 2005.

Sam Oputa is also the author of the bestselling “Faith or Reason” and “Why Was Man Created?”

Visit Amazon’s Page:

Ganupas by George Goosney

Ganupas by George Goosney.

Even after the appearance of strange creatures, and being summoned by three shamans, Ivan had no idea he would fall into another world. Once there, the creatures and things around him gave him little hope of ever getting back. On a world that threatened to swallow him at every step, he found love, and a purpose that would stagger the imagination of the bravest warriors. Torn between wanting to wake up from a bad dream and holding on to the things he found in it, he had to find a way to serve his awakened need to help a race of people taken long ago from his own world, and keep from joining them on the menu of a powerful race of cruel Volgour. Strange Crun spirits and unusual abilities would become his weapons, and he would come to realize that what he would start, his children would finish.

George has always thought far outside the box. Along with many other things, he also enjoys all kinds of science fiction, and get a great satisfaction from beating a video game. He’s sixty three going on sixteen. He thinks kids have all the fun and has no intention of growing up. After a good many years of books, movies, and games, one notices his mind always hoping for something different. Unable to find what he was looking for, and sometimes dreaming in science fiction, he presents here another place from deep in the mind.

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The prices vary at different sources. The current prices are: Amazon soft cover $31.34. Amazon Kindle $5.99. Barnes and Noble soft cover $20.40. Barnes and Noble ebook $3.99. Kobo ebook $4.69. ibook store soft cover $26.83. BookMad soft cover $28.99. BookMad ebook $3.99.

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